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Joy in the Morning: A 6-Day Devotional by Tauren Wells

Day Six | Crazy About You

I was tucking Navy, my then three-year-old, into bed one night when a new tradition began. I told him the usual, “I love you, bud,” and just as I was slipping out the door, his little voice burst out, “I love you more!”

Day Five | Empty

About a year ago, I was sitting in my song writing room at my house thinking about the amazing fact that I have a room in my home that Lorna let me decorate any way I wanted (major win).

Day Four | Come Home Part II

I love the church. I’ve also been wounded by church people—everything from being simply misunderstood to facing racial discrimination. If you’ve been hurt, I know the feeling!

Day Three | Come Home Part I

I remember turning in the demo of my song “Come Home" to my label and getting an unexpected question back: “Is this, like, a deconstructionist idea or what?”

Day Two | Joy In The Morning Part II

What we understand about the character of God matters so much because it informs and frames how we think about everything else.

Day One | Joy In The Morning Part I

There have been moments in the midst of my faith-walk when I have struggled to make sense of the difficulties I’ve experienced personally or helplessly watched others face.


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