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Pat Pagano, Weather

Pat Pagano’s Mom used to sing in cafes when she was very young. His Dad was an excellent dancer. So perhaps that is where his “entertainment” talent comes in. As a teenager, they always danced at parties and went to live shows.

That inspired him to dance. So Pat became a ballroom dance instructor for Fred Astaire Dance Studios. He went on to open his own studio. All of which lasted for 10 years.

Pat became interested in weather in high school. Read every book he could find. Knew that was the direction in college!

From there, Pat got his first weather gig on a PBS station on Long Island. Then a commercial station on Long Island. And then he started his own service – Metro Weather Service. Now some 40 years old.

Little known facts about Pat Pagano? He loves videography and enjoys it when people watch his projects. Pat also likes to bake, but not cook. His least favorite holidays are Halloween and New Year’s Eve.

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