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God Says You Are

You Are Priceless

Have you ever heard someone say ‘God knows the number of hairs on your head.’?

You Are Fearless

What makes you afraid? Things I fear include snakes, tight spaces, and revolving doors.

You Are Comforted

Comfort could refer to anything from macaroni & cheese to a sleep number bed to stress-free, chill time with your favorite person.

You Are Protected

When I was a kid I remember walking in a crowded parking lot of the shopping center with my mom.

You Are Safe

The more I’ve thought about what it means to feel ‘safe’, I’m realizing that there is an action that must occur first.

You Are His

There’s nothing wrong with being independent. But there is something in our spiritual DNA that leaves us searching...

You Are Friend of God

We were trying out a brand new restaurant and we scored BIG. Fabulous ambiance. Amazing food. Great service.

You Are Secure In Christ

I grew up in the era of ‘Layaway Plans’. You didn’t get the goods until you paid in full.

You Are Healed

I had a Sunday School teacher who used to say, “instead of saying, ‘I think I’m catching a cold!’, start saying, ‘I think I’m catching a healing!'”

You Are Handpicked

Hand-selecting produce ensures that we should get the very best of the best.

You Are God's Masterpiece

Whenever I hear the word masterpiece I still think of the sweet, tender song that Christian artist Sandi Patti recorded in 1989 for her first born child, Ana.

You Are Treasured

Without me knowing it, my husband, Ken, had gotten an old, worn travel trunk, that once belonged to my great grandmother, from my parents basement and had it restored to give to me that Christmas.

You Are Called

Discovering our purpose in life becomes the grand pursuit of growing up. What do you want to be when you grow up?

You Are a New Creation

As grown-ups, we may love to dress up for special occasions but to keep up that appearance day in and day out?….well, it’s just too hard.

You Are Sealed

The Cambridge Dictionary defines a seal as “a mark or symbol on a product showing that it has been tested by an official (organization), and has been found to be of the right standard.”

You Are Never Alone

Have you ever thought about what David meant when he wrote ‘though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…’?

You Are Amazing

One of my favorite words in the English language is the word ‘amazing’.

You Are Strong

Do you remember what made Popeye the Sailor Man strong? Of course, it was spinach!

You Are Victorious

EVERY DAY...there is a struggle, a battle for our heart, our mind and soul.

You Are Beautiful

We often tend to judge beauty by those rare exceptional moments; but rarely do we acknowledge and take time to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary, every day lives around us.

You Are Free

Many of us are held captive by fear, by our past, our sins. Even our accomplishments can hold us back from walking into what the future holds for us.

You Are Known

The first time my husband, Ken, and I heard our baby’s heartbeat, our hearts flooded with so much joy.

You Are Rescued

As we grow up, it becomes harder and harder to believe we are a princess, worthy of defending, or a warrior courageous enough to win the fight.

You Are Redeemed

I am the queen of saving coupons and gift cards. I like to tuck them away for a ‘special’ occasion…

You Are Forgiven

No matter which direction I looked, or how hard my eyes strained to see land off in the distance, there was no land in sight. What direction were we heading?

You Are Enough

Isn’t it crazy that we can receive a dozen compliments…and yet one negative or critical comment can totally derail us?!

You Are Loved

That year it snowed so hard that on our way home that night we got stuck in it.

You Are Resilient

Being resilient isn’t achieved by giant leaps and bounds. Resilience is the steadiness of keeping on.