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Jesus Revolution Devotional

This four-part study guide includes reflections based on the historical Jesus Movement and the film JESUS REVOLUTION.

Revival requires growth: not only in numbers of believers but personal growth: the kind of reckoning that leads to awakening.

This series is intended to walk through what it looks like to shepherd the kind of personal growth that can spur revival.

Part 4 - Growth Through Serving

Faith without works is dead. We can study doctrine and attend Sunday services, but if we do not live out a radical love, the kind that makes people say, “I want what they have,” then where is the love? Where is Christ in us?

Part 3 - Growth Through Prayer

Prayer is essential to the Christian life. But so often prayer becomes whittled down to memorized dinner table lines and recited prayers in services.

Part 2 - Growth Through The Storm

The imagery of the “storms of life” runs throughout Scripture: from floods to calming stormy seas, the Word of God reminds us that our Lord is with us in the storm.

Part 1 - Growth in Discomfort

The book of James gives us an uncomfortable image of church life: and it challenges us to consider just who is welcome in our church and in our lives.


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