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Hymn Of Heaven by Phil Wickham

Day 12: Heart Full of Praise

The final song we look at today is “Heart Full of Praise.” I placed this song at the end of my record because it’s where I hoped and prayed hearts would be by the time they arrived at this point.

Day 11: God of Revival

I am so thankful that God does not give up on us. All throughout scripture, we see a God who seeks to restore, renew, redeem, rescue, resurrect.

Day 10: Look to Jesus

There is nothing in this life that is not changed for the better when seen through the lens of Jesus.

Day 9: Falling in Love

Fifteen years of marriage has taught me many things, but one of the glaringly obvious lessons I have learned is that a healthy relationship with my wife takes consistent intentionality.

Day 8: 1,000 Names

In scripture, names carry significant weight and meaning. God even goes so far as changing people’s names as He calls them into His heavenly purpose.

Day 7: His Name Is Jesus

I think the first line of this song may be my favorite. “The King is in the room.” Lately, it has become increasingly clear to me how this statement is always true. God is with us.

Day 6: Reason I Sing

As believers, there are so many reasons to sing, and it all points back to one thing: Jesus.

Day 5: Where I’m Standing Now

This is a testimony song! I always think of the Israelites standing at the other side of the Red Sea when I sing this.

Day 4: It’s Always Been You

This song came out of nowhere. Most songs take hours/days/months for me to finish. This one seemed to drop from the heart of heaven.

Day 3: House of the Lord

I wrote this song when I wasn’t “feeling” it. I had to come to God in faith believing that, though happiness comes and goes, joy is always accessible in Jesus no matter what the circumstance.

Day 2: Hymn of Heaven

What a beautiful thing it is that we who follow Jesus have so much in common on such a deep level.

Day 1: Battle Belongs

There is a powerful story in the Old Testament of King Jehoshaphat being faced with an overwhelming and vicious army coming toward him and the people of God.

Hymn of Heaven Intro

Welcome to the Hymn of Heaven 12-day devotional series. Each daily reading coincides with a different song from Phil Wickham's album, Hymn of Heaven.